The Solidworks Mentoring Program – Core is a  personally-mentored training course that maximizes your learning and application of advanced SolidWorks skills.

You will apply 3D modelling techniques using leading-edge and efficient core skills that you can immediately put to use on the job – and your resulting portfolio will prove you can do it. The speed at which you will master 3D design skills will make you more efficient on the job and your investment will quickly pay off.

  • A Project Booklet containing reference sketches and material for a 40+ part machine that you will model during the program
  • A Certified SolidWorks Professional Mentor who will provide live, personal guidance one hour at a time via desktop sharing to maximize your SolidWorks skill development
  • Ten one-hour mentoring sessions involving progressively more challenging techniques to help you complete a CAD model
  • A coupon for the official CSWA SolidWorks certification exam ($120 value)
  • An impressive portfolio of your CAD skills to show hiring managers that you can produce right away
  • Here at Ubique Mechanical Design we supply contract design professionals to the SolidWorks-using engineering industry

We know very well the needs of our customers. Using our experience, we have designed the program to overcome typical hiring objections.

Companies want to know that

  • you will be productive right away, not learning at their expense,
  • you are motivated to find answers to problems on your own,
  • you are actively engaged in upgrading your skills, and
  • instead of just a resume, you will show a portfolio of your work.


The SolidWorks Mentoring Program starts at your convenience

You can begin right away if you have completed an Introduction to SolidWorks course (or equivalent) within the last 60 days. If you don’t meet the requirements, sign up to take the Entrance Evaluation or Contact Marc to discuss any needed qualification training.