Solidworks Mentoring Program

About Marc Smith

This is the online place for those who want to be proficient at CAD…….SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia, ProEngineer etc. You may be

1) a small business owner,

2) an engineering consultant,

3) an inventor or,

4) a professional looking to upgrade their portfolio to find a job.

Basically, this is for those of you who are not in the position to learn CAD on the job. Here we’ll not just learn how to use CAD, but to apply it really well.

We believe in the Socratic Method of teaching – that is, don’t teach someone directly. Instead, pose a question and let them figure it out themselves. Much better understanding, retention and interest.

Marc is the owner of Ubique Mechanical Design, Inc, a boutique engineering services company providing Consulting, Engineering, Recruiting and Training to industry.  His passion is helping engineering professionals find interesting work in their field.  He enjoys the thrill and challenge of inventing and is