SolidWorks Mentoring Program

Portfolio Power for Engineers

Become a SolidWorks powerhouse with personal online mentoring

Are you a CAD software user who has experienced one of these problems?

  • You completed a classroom or online Introduction to SolidWorks training course, but lost most of the skills you learned;
  • You get very few job interviews even though you have SolidWorks training;
  • You need a portfolio of your 3D design work but aren’t sure how to build one;
  • You don’t have time to learn by trial and error, and find outsourcing a competent SolidWorks expert difficult.

If any of the above sounds familiar, the Solidworks Mentoring Program – Core may be for you. Solidworks Mentoring addresses common SolidWorks issues and gives you a real 3D design portfolio to show potential clients and employers.

The Solidworks Mentoring Program – Core is a SolidWorks training course that maximizes your learning and application of advanced SolidWorks skills.

It is not just a SolidWorks tutorial. The program is for engineering job seekers, engineering software users, and business owners who can’t always offer training in CAD to workers on the job.

How will Solidworks Mentoring work for me?

  • You will apply 3D modelling techniques using leading-edge and efficient core skills that you can immediately put to use on the job – and your portfolio will prove you can do it.
  • The speed at which you will master 3D design skills will make you more efficient on the job and your investment will quickly pay off.

What do I get with the CAD Mentoring program?

  • A Project Booklet containing reference sketches and material for a 40+ part machine that you will model during the program
  • A Certified SolidWorks Professional Mentor who will provide live, personal guidance via desktop sharing to maximize your SolidWorks skill development
  • Ten one-hour mentoring sessions involving progressively more challenging techniques to help you complete a CAD model
  • A coupon for the official SolidWorks certification exam ($120 value)
  • An enhanced portfolio of work to demonstrate your SolidWorks training







Who developed the CAD Mentoring Program?

Marc Smith is a SolidWorks expert and experienced engineering consultant.

He developed the CAD Mentoring Program – Core after helping a foreign-trained engineer build up a portfolio of his CAD design skills using SolidWorks. He had worked at a convenience store for three years, supporting his family of four. Within two months of working with me, he accepted an engineering job at a compressor company, finally putting his Master’s degree in engineering to use. Based on this experience and others that followed, he perfected the CAD Mentoring Program – Core, which is now available to help you achieve your professional goals.

Want a 3-part model of challenging, advanced sheet metal to add to your portfolio?

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  • readies you to challenge the CSWP – Sheet Metal


Want to qualify for the SolidWorks Mentoring Program – Core?

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  • has it been two months or less since you’ve finished an Introduction to SolidWorks course? No need to take the Entrance Evaluation – you can begin right away

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